Middlesbrough College’s STEM Centre is the North East’s leading training centre for technical skills and knowledge in the engineering sector. Teesside is packed with great talent and skills, and it's this kind of foundation that Intasite is built on. Local, expert talent.

With Teesside having such as rich heritage and strong tradition in industry, it’s only fitting that the next generation of industry is given the best training possible.

Some of our team recently toured the £20 million STEM centre, led by STEM Director Andy Buckwith. Here’s what we took away, and why we think it’s so great.

What is the Middlesbrough STEM Centre?

The STEM training centre is Middlesbrough college’s specialised facility, teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The centre uses classrooms, but more importantly, simulated teaching areas which are designed to be as-life-like as possible to real working situations.

STEM uses industry trained experts to develop and deliver training across engineering, logistics, oil & gas and manufacturing disciplines, as well as a range of other roles required in heavy industry.

Real Working Environments

Teaching & training areas operate as simulated industrial working environments, with locations in the STEM centre ranging from a mock oil rig to a warehouse environment.

What sets STEM apart is its authenticity to creating these simulated teaching environments. It’s one thing learning theory, or using machinery only fit for college learning purposes, but this kind of teaching doesn’t always translate into a ready-to-work employee.

At STEM, machinery, equipment and software are all industry standard, meaning students and apprentices learn the exact skills, on the exact equipment they’ll be using in the real world.

This level of detail to training doesn’t come cheap, but the decision to invest heavily in the right areas is what sets the STEM centre apart from anywhere else in the region.

Who Is the STEM Training Centre For?

The training centre caters primarily to school leavers, 16-18 year old learners, looking for an apprenticeship to progress into a career in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths.

The centre also provides training courses and development for those working in industry who are looking to enhance their skill-set to aid in their role or to progress. Stem offers this unique opportunity,thanks to the industry leading equipment and facilities at its disposal.

Benefits For The Area & Industry

Intasite is a company that has been built on talent from Teesside, so we can appreciate both the existing skill set within the region, as well as the importance to prepare the next generation of workers for industry.

We serve a number of sites across the Teesside region, by providing remote health & safety inductions.

STEM aims to bridge the skills gap between education and industry requirements and ensure that the centers’ graduates are ready for work and able to effectively contribute to industry.

A facility such as STEM means that Teesside’s industrial industry can continue to grow and strengthen.

More about STEM

If you’re looking for any more information about the STEM centre, you can visit https://www.mbro.ac.uk/about-us/100m-campus/stem-centre

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