Intasite are fresh from a recent exhibition to Multimodal – the UK’s premier freight transport, logistics and supply chain management event.

Taking place between May 1st – 3rd at the Birmingham NEC, our leadership team were exhibiting and showcasing the benefits and multiple features of what Intasite can do for businesses. More specifically - exactly how Intasite can help organisations within the Ports & Logistics sector to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their induction process.

Always one to pride ourselves on supporting local business and showcasing the talent present in Teesside – we combined our display within the Tees Valley Pavilion Exhibition Stand at Multimodal – which allowed us to make contact with a number of great businesses from Teesside including logistics & Transport Companies and also technology and training companies supplying the logistics industry from our home town.

The Tees Valley is a multimodal logistics hub, helping to connect UK and European businesses – and even further beyond. By exhibiting at Multimodal, we were given unrivalled access to national and international transport organisations and opportunities to speak to a wide variety of ports & haulage firms to help them understand how we can streamline their induction process.

Whilst not many port & logistics firms are seeking an “online induction platform” – they are all seeking a way to improve the efficiency of their induction process – which is exactly what the Intasite platform offers. We spoke to a number of port & logistics firms within the Tees Pavilion at Multimodal about the great work they’re doing, and to let them know how Intasite could benefit them.

Success and growth seemed to be a key theme throughout the Tees Pavilion at the Multimodal trade show – with Johnathan Bulmer of Cleveland Containers telling us about a growth of 44% in their business, and attributing much of this success to being situated in the Teesside area.

“The infrastructure at Teesside is all really really strong, but I think there’s massive potential for Teesside to be even stronger” Charlie Nettle – AV Dawson.

AV Dawson are a leading multimodal distribution logistics service provider, based in Middlesbrough that offers logistics solutions from rail to road and sea – with a customer focused bespoke supply chain. With over a 100 acre of warehousing siting, it was a pleasure to speak with Charlie to help him understand how the induction process could be streamlined utilising advancements in digital technology offered by the Intasite induction platform.

This positive attitude was reinforced through continued success stories from a whole host of Teesside based businesses such as Redcar Bulk Terminals, LV Shipping and EXIS Technologies.

All of these businesses were located in the Tees Pavilion at Multimodal, a designated area organised by the Tees Valley Combined Authority. Their aim is to drive economic growth in the area, and their work at Multimodal gives national exposure to some of the best Port & Logistics businesses situated in Teesside.

It was a pleasure to speak to a number of like minded businesses, all proud of their Teesside roots and looking to utilise the skills and talents within the area to offer their services on a national and global level.

Exactly how can Intasite help ports & logistics sites?

If you’re a ports or shipping company you can learn more about the full range of benefits Intasite can offer you here.

Some of the key benefits however are:

A break down in language barriers

Intasite supports inductions across multiple languages. So if your site is expecting overseas visitors or drivers, then you can have them carry out their induction, in their own language, before they even reach your site – allowing for a quick and easy induction process at the gate-house.

Reduce queues and bottlenecks

Intasite allows your visitors, employees or contractors to carry out their induction remotely. This means they can carry out a full induction, get validated through a multi-choice questionnaire, so they can gain access to site through a simple scan of a QR code at entry points.

Improved storage for health and safety records

Intasite stores required information about all inductions in its secure online database, allowing for easy retrieval of records and the ability to send out automatic renewal invites for  expired inductions.

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