Induction videos should be the perfect way to introduce site visitors, contractors or permanent employees to your business. A good induction video should get across your organisations, values, guidelines and culture. A great induction should also leave an inductee with the ability to recall key information they ought to know.

However, in reality, far too many induction videos leave a bad first impression. Whether its a “try to be cool” cringe-inducing video, or simply just create a boring first impression a poor induction video will leave a longstanding negative impression.

Poor induction videos can be difficult to sit through, but that’s often because induction videos are difficult to get right.

Intasite has a wealth of experience when it comes to scripting, storyboarding, shooting and editing induction videos.

In this post, we will explore just what it takes to make a great induction video for your work force or site visitors.

Know your audience

There is nothing more important than knowing your audience when you make any video, induction or otherwise. With an induction video, it is best to target each department or job role individually. That way you can include details about the whole company, but no employee will have to watch anything they don’t need to know.

Segment your audience into smaller groups. Firstly visitors - thos who are coming for meetings. Next, divide your employees or contractors into roles. Office staff, drivers, warehouse staff, engineers, ports crew etc

This list of segments will be unique to your business and your site.

The alternative to the bespoke route is to create 1 generic, broad video to cover everything.

We would advise against this, as viewer engagement and interest will dip. This is because the information isn’t tailored to a specific employee or visitor grouping – so a lot of information will likely not be relevant.

As soon as something thinks “this doesn’t apply to me” you’ve lost them for the rest of the video...

Include Your Staff

Welcome visitors or new starters, by having existing employees delivering key messages.

If you’ve created a tailored induction video for HGV drivers, then include a message from the logistics manager or driving supervisor. This lends importance and credibility to the message, as it comes from a superior.

Including key members of staff is also a friendly introduction, so that new starters are aware of who their manager or supervisor is, without them having to be present at the point of induction.

Inform – Don’t Overwhelm

This is a lead on from the above point about creating a bespoke video for each group of inductees, be it a visitor or a staff type.

An induction session is designed to orientate visitors, or new starters, into your business. It is designed to familiarise with the basic procedures related to their new job, or the site they’re visiting.

Your induction video shouldn’t tell anyone how to do their job. It should relay policies and get across the company culture and ethos.

Save more in depth information for formal training sessions after the induction process, as part of a new started programme.

Testing Knowledge

The most important piece however is possibly that you need inductees to understand and take in the information you have displayed in your induction video.

Intasite allows you to easily do this through the online assessment system – quizzing inductees about content presented to them in the induction video.

If you need any help creating your next induction video – get in touch with the Intasite team today.





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