How Intasite provides a smoother, safer induction process

Added on January 28th 2021
How Intasite provides a smoother, safer induction process

The industrial backdrop on Teesside has provided the perfect environment for health and safety software company Intasite to achieve impressive growth despite the ongoing Covid pandemic.

With an award-winning platform, Stockton-based Intasite specialise in the health and safety induction process, primarily for high hazard sites in which access is strictly controlled.

The tech solution allows inductions to be carried out remotely, before arrival on the job. This means that the traditional method of turning up at site, producing identification and watching lengthy productions becomes much more streamlined.

This results in saving time and money for both contractors and site occupiers. The product is also working particularly well during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the ever-changing rules and restrictions in places of work, sites often have to change the information that they communicate to visitors at very short notice.

The platform is also able to send out instant site alerts to highlight any hazards or important information which helps to contribute to a safe work environment.

While 2020 has proved both challenging and rewarding, 2021 will see the launch of further contractor management applications which will further help digitise traditional methods to improve industry wide efficiency.

Intasite has notable partnerships which include blue chip firms such as EDF Renewables, Telefonica 02, Anglo American, SABIC and PD Ports.

One particular success story from Intasite has been the collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical UK at the Cassel Site in Billingham, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products.

Intasite provided an online induction model for the Cassel Site which has dramatically reduced the amount of time that it takes visitors to get on site.

The Cassel Site required a range of features including on-site video production, as well as a digital platform which could differentiate between the type of visitor who is turning up on site.

A scaffolder entering a top tier COMAH site may need a different style of induction to an office-based visitor for example. The Cassel Site has been impressed with the system and its versatility, especially the feature which allows the inductions to be performed in a range of languages if required.

The value of the system was demonstrated during a recent site shutdown when large numbers of contractors needed to be inducted and assessed as safe to enter the site and work.

Since the implementation went live in July, the Cassel Site has inducted nearly 3,500 visitors through the Intasite platform. The Intasite team, with more than 25 years’ experience in site safety videos, have also worked to implement a new COVID-19 induction to address new site measures which have been applied during the pandemic.

The Cassel Site has been complimentary about working with the Intasite team to implement the new software. Working on site, with intrinsically safe equipment to carry out the filming and having staff with health and safety qualifications, Intasite really understands what it takes to work in a high hazard environment.

“Teesside is the perfect place as a base for our business,” says Intasite director Danielle Croce. “Our mantra is to digitise traditional processes which will create efficiencies, drive safety and ultimately improve profits for our clients."

David Gajda, facilities manager for Mitsubishi Chemical, said: “Prior to the implementation of the Intasite software, all site safety inductions were carried out on site as part of the site reception process.

“Having a system whereby induction invitations can be sent by email ahead of a planned visit is a great improvement in the site induction process. It also enables the security team to quickly check whether a visitor is inducted or not.

“It also allows for nominated managers to manage the induction invitation themselves, rather than relying on the administration team to send out invitations on their behalf.

“The Intasite team have been supportive during early teething problems and continue to provide excellent after-sales service.”

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