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Transport & Logistics

Removing the problems from inducting drivers within transport & logistics

Inducting drivers comes with a whole range of problems. From the diversity of driver backgrounds, the type of vehicle being driven, the load and cargo, not to mention logistics complexities. Our online induction platform caters to the transport & logistics industry by offering a quick, simple and consistent method to induct drivers before they arrive at your site. Our platform is suitable for: HGV Drivers; Shipping Containers, Intermodal Transport, Liquids, Dry Bulk, Terminals, Airports, Freight Tankers. We can provide easy to use and standardised processes to accommodate all kinds of drivers, no matter from what geographic location. The result is consistent and effective training, and an effective induction experience.

Improve Driver Safety
An induction can enhance driver safety by educating drivers on vehicle features, safety regulations, and best practices, reducing accident risks and promoting responsible driving habits.
Coordinate Overseas Drivers
Inductions can help you coordinate overseas drivers by providing necessary documentation, cultural training, technology support, and local contacts to ensure compliance and safety.
Standardise Procedures
An induction video plays a pivotal role in standardising procedures for transport and logistics, ensuring consistent communication of safety information and practices across the workforce.

Key Safety Features

Online Inductions

Enhance productivity and time-saving by sending your drivers their induction to complete before beginning work. Assessment questions can be asked throughout to evaluate their proficiency.

Multilingual Ready

Intasite offers versatile language translations, encompassing both inductions and the software platform, ensuring seamless communication for international drivers to strengthen safety protocols.

Conduct Pre-employment Forms

Request new drivers to complete pre-employment forms through Intasite before hiring new personnel, removing the manual paperwork process and digitising records.

Manage Driver Skills

Instruct drivers to upload their skills and qualifications via their Intasite dashboard, and establish automatic expiration dates to ensure that all information remains current.

Send Safety Briefings

Digital safety briefings can be an effective way to educate drivers on potential hazards and safety protocols, including speed limits and site specific information.

Broadcast Instant Information

Alerts and information can be broadcast immediately by email or SMS. Has there been an incident on site, a road closure due to bad weather, or a simple change in procedure?

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The importance of multilingual driver inductions to enhance safety protocols
Overseas Drivers

The importance of multilingual driver inductions to enhance safety protocols

Implementing your driver induction program in multiple languages brings invaluable advantages to transport and logistics companies. In an increasingly diverse workforce, offering inductions in different languages ensures that safety protocols and operational procedures are effectively communicated to all drivers, regardless of their language proficiency.

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