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The challenges faced in offshore contractor inductions

Inducting workers in the offshore industry is challenging due to safety and compliance concerns, remote locations, the need for specialised training, a diverse workforce, high turnover rates, and unpredictable weather conditions. An effective induction process is crucial to address these challenges and ensure that all contractors are well-prepared and compliant in this demanding environment.

Tracking Induction Renewals
Intasite simplifies the tracking of inductions and certificates, sending automated renewals ensuring that all qualifications remain up-to-date and compliant.
Approve Pre-job RAMS
Request, review, and approve risk assessments, method statements, and setting to work safety documents from contractors via your Intasite dashboard before commencing work on site.
Onboarding Documentation
The form module streamlines the collection of contractor information before they go offshore, including occupational health details, PPE requests, and trade tests as part of the onboarding process

Key Safety Features

Deliver Online Inductions

Enhance time savings and boost operational efficiency by enabling contractors to complete their induction prior to going offshore, and allowing them to demonstrate their competency through assessment questions.

Manage Contractor Skills

Contractors can use Intasite for uploading their skills and qualifications, which can subsequently be reviewed and verified by managers to ensure the presence of appropriate credentials before approving their induction for access offshore.

Request RAMS & Permits

Offshore managers can request Risk Assessments and Method Statements to be uploaded and submitted in advance prior to job commencement, ensuring a thorough approval method and evaluation of potential risks.

Send Safety Briefings

Implementing digital safety briefings, which also allow for tracking who has read them, can be an effective way to educate contractors on potential hazards and safety protocols, ensuring that everyone is well-informed and reducing the risk of accidents or incidents in offshore operations.

Supplier Management

Collect, store and manage all of your sub-contractor documents through Intasite. Be well prepared for audits by combining insurances, supplier assessments and legal requirements in one safe place.

Trade Tests

Share forms and questionnaires to capture additional information needed from contractors. Forms can be used for items such as occupational health questionnaires, next of kin and also trade tests for the recruitment process.

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Efficient offshore worker on-boarding and recruitment
Online Inductions

Efficient offshore worker on-boarding and recruitment

Intasite offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines on-boarding processes for offshore workers. Employers can conduct tasks such as posting job openings and managing recruitment. The platform allows employers to send trade tests to contractors to assess their suitability for specific job roles and request certificates to verify their qualifications. On completing these checks, Intasite ensures that every worker is suitably inducted for offshore operations where safety is paramount.

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