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Maximising Safety and Security With Our Data Centre Site Inductions

Reduce risks and improve security and reliability with our Data Centre Site Inductions. Our visitor management software for data centres helps to address pivotal safety concerns such as: Safeguarding against electrical hazards; fire risks, equipment malfunctions, effective disaster preparedness. These concerns mean that visitors and staff need comprehensive training around the stringent protocols in place. Staff and visitors need to be vigilant and aware of what (and what not) to do onsite. Our online induction platform is suitable for all kinds of data centres including telecommunications and facilities management.

Out of Hours & Lone Working
Out of hours working can be a challenge to make sure individuals are inducted. By using Intasite will dramatically improve efficiency, ensure consistent training and eliminate the need for clerks to carry out inductions.
Managing Access and Zones
Managing access between zones within data centres involves intricate control over permission levels, this can be easily identified to contractors through animated induction content.
Restricting Unauthorised Access
Through the integration of your access control system with Intasite, you can efficiently limit entry to unauthorised individuals, whether it pertains to a FEX located within a compound or warehouse, or a FAC street-side cabinet.

Key Safety Features

Deliver Online Inductions

Enhance productivity and time-saving by sending your contractors their induction to complete before reaching the site. Assessment questions can be asked throughout to evaluate their proficiency.

Complete Access Request Forms

A digital access request form can be made available for contractors to request access to site, expediting and simplifying the procedure for requesting and granting entry permissions.

Integrate Access Control

Integrating your access control can enable contractors to complete both their safety training and obtain access to the necessary authorised areas of your data facility in a single, efficient process.

Manage Contractor Skills

Instruct contractors to upload their skills and qualifications via their Intasite dashboard, and establish automatic expiration dates to ensure that all information remains current.

Send Safety Briefings

Digital safety briefings can be an effective way to educate contractors on potential hazards and safety protocols, while also allowing for easy tracking and documentation of completion.

Request RAMS & Task Documents

Through Intasite, a site manager can request Risk Assessments and Method Statements to be uploaded and approved before commencing a job. Task specific documents can also be submitted ahead of time.

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Eliminate time spent on out of hours inductions for remote workers
Online Inductions

Eliminate time spent on out of hours inductions for remote workers

Coordinating out of hours induction sessions by a clerk of work can result in inefficiencies and potential disruptions. However, using Intasite, means inductions can be accessed by the lone worker at their convenience, eliminating the need for after-hours sessions. This not only optimises the clerk's time but also ensures that the lone worker receives consistent and standardised training. Additionally, the platform logs each worker's completion, contributing to improved data management and compliance tracking.

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