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Ensure maximum safety and security across your pharmaceutical facility

Inducting workers in the pharmaceutical industry presents intricate challenges, notably due to strict adherence to quality and safety standards such as ALCOA and GMP. Navigating complex regulations and ensuring workers fully comprehend and comply with them is paramount. Specialised equipment operation, data confidentiality, meticulous documentation, contamination prevention, and adapting to evolving technology are additional hurdles to overcome.

Tailored Inductions
The pharmaceutical industry demands a versatile and thorough induction program tailored to the sector's unique demands, this includes different job roles and areas such as manufacturing, labs and warehouses.
Effective Record Keeping
In the pharmaceutical sector, keeping current induction records is essential to ensure that every individual on-site is adequately informed and trained, thereby mitigating the potential for accidents or incidents.
Managing Suppliers
Efficiently collect, store, and manage all subcontractor documents within the secure confines of Intasite, ensuring meticulous compliance with insurance, supplier assessments, and crucial legal prerequisites.

Key Safety Features

Deliver Online Inductions

Save time and increase efficiency by providing your visitors with the ability to take your induction prior to arrival. Test their competency with assessment questions and verify their pass at the gatehouse.

Manage Contractor Skills

Instruct contractors to upload their skills and qualifications via their Intasite dashboard, and establish automatic expiration dates to ensure that all information remains current.

Request RAMS & Task Documents

Through Intasite, a site manager can request Risk Assessments and Method Statements to be uploaded and approved before commencing a job. Task specific documents can also be submitted ahead of time.

Send Safety Briefings

Digital safety briefings can be an effective way to educate contractors on potential hazards and safety protocols, while also allowing for easy tracking and documentation of completion.

Integrate Access Control

Integrating your access control can enable users to complete both their safety training and obtain access to the necessary areas of a facility in a single, efficient process.

Visitor Management

A visitor management system is an effective way to manage contractors and visitors on to your site. It provides a centralised platform for registering, tracking, and monitoring individuals accessing your facility.

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Area-specific inductions in the Pharmaceutical industry
Role Specific Inductions

Area-specific inductions in the Pharmaceutical industry

Tailored inductions specific to distinct areas within the pharmaceutical industry are essential to uphold safety and compliance standards across a spectrum of environments, encompassing research labs, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, and clinical trial sites. Custom inductions can encompass area-specific protocols, equipment operation, emergency response plans, and environmental factors, equipping personnel with the knowledge and skills to navigate the unique challenges and intricacies of each pharmaceutical workspace securely and effectively.

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