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Building & Construction sites present multifaceted challenges. From high turnover and a diverse workforce, to intricate safety compliance and limited time for training. Managing documentation for staff and visitors can be a nightmare. With our safety induction for construction sites, you can rest assured that your staff and visitors will all be well trained and compliant with your procedures and processes. The Intasite platform allows you to upload health & safety videos, a construction site safety ppt, questions and exams. This allows your visitors or staff to carry out their training and complete their induction before ever stepping foot onto your construction site.

Managing Multi-Site Workforce
Construction companies grapple with the complexities of coordinating and ensuring consistent compliance across various sites as their workforce operates across multiple locations.
Tracking Skills & Qualifications
Managing competencies and overseeing credentials such as CSCS cards becomes challenging due to the need to ensure that all employees maintain the essential skills and qualifications required for their role.
Pre-work Checks
Before a construction worker starts, the company needs to check their right to work, qualifications, background, references, medical suitability, and provide necessary training and equipment.

Key Safety Features

Deliver Online Inductions

Enhance time-saving and efficiency by enabling contractors to complete their induction before arriving on-site and evaluate their competence through assessment questions.

Manage Skills & Competencies

Effectively manage construction worker competencies and oversee credentials like CSCS, CPCS and CITB cards to ensure that employees possess the necessary skills and qualifications for their roles on site.

Send Safety Briefings

Digital safety briefings can be an effective way to educate contractors on potential hazards and safety protocols, while also allowing for easy tracking and documentation of completion.

Request RAMS & Task Documents

Through Intasite, a site manager can request Risk Assessments and Method Statements to be uploaded and approved before commencing a job. Task specific documents can also be submitted ahead of time.

Track PPE and Equipment

Track your assets and PPE through our inventory module, scan out items to contractors and monitor their returns and any defects to the equipment.

Integrate Access Control

By integrating access control with your induction platform, a streamlined process can be established to grant authorised personnel access to the site upon successful completion of their induction.

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Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors
Managing Competencies

Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors

Oversee the competencies of construction workers by diligently managing an array of credentials including CSCS, CPCS, and CITB cards. This comprehensive approach ensures that every employee possesses the necessary skills, qualifications, and certifications essential for their role. Notifications will be sent to managers to alert them of expired certificates or upcoming expiry of credentials.

What does a construction site induction involve?
A construction site induction is a thorough process that focuses on safety and readiness. It is designed to ensure the safety of individuals involved in the project. It educates attendees about the potential risks, hazards, and safety protocols specific to the construction site, that all personnel, both new and experienced, must undergo before setting foot on a construction site.
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What should be included in a construction site induction?
A construction site induction should include safety rules, emergency procedures, PPE requirements, site layout information, hazard identification, equipment use guidelines, environmental practices, and more. The goal is to ensure all attendees are informed and safety-conscious regarding site-specific requirements.
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