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Reduce bottlenecks and queues at the gatehouse with our online port induction platform

Online inductions play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency within port operations. By providing inductions through online platforms, port authorities can effectively minimise bottlenecks at the gatehouse and streamline the flow of operations. This streamlined approach helps to speed up deliveries and significantly reduce queues into the dock area.

Manage Overseas Drivers
By utilising language translations across your inductions for overseas drivers will ensure effective communication, promote understanding of site rules, and enhance safety measures.
Integrate Automated Gates
Integrate your Intasite data with Automated Gates for enhanced security across your operations. Automatically grant or deny access for expired inductions, restrict access to certain areas and link up language preferences.
Enhance gatehouse operations
By allowing visitors to complete their induction prior to arrival, gatehouse operations can be expedited, passes can be printed in advance, and waiting times reduced to improve overall efficiency.

Key Safety Features

Online Inductions

Save time and increase efficiency by providing your visitors with the ability to take your induction prior to arrival. Test their competency with assessment questions and verify their pass at the gatehouse.

Request RAMS & Task Documents

Through Intasite, a site manager can request Risk Assessments and Method Statements to be uploaded and approved before commencing a job. Task specific documents can also be submitted ahead of time.

Access Control Integration

Integrating your access control or automated gates can enable drivers to complete their induction and obtain access to the necessary areas of your port in a single, efficient process.

Manage Contractor Skills

Instruct contractors to upload their skills and qualifications via their Intasite dashboard, and establish automatic expiration dates to ensure that all information remains current.

Digital Toolbox Talks

Digital safety briefings can be an effective way to educate contractors on potential hazards and safety protocols, while also allowing for easy tracking and documentation of completion.

Language Translations

Intasite offers versatile language translations, encompassing both inductions and the software platform, ensuring seamless communication for international drivers to strengthen safety protocols.

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Our port security visitor management software is the smart and safe way to sign in your visitors
Visitor Management

Our port security visitor management software is the smart and safe way to sign in your visitors

Our port visitor management system is an effective way to manage how contractors and visitors access your port site. Our online ports & shipping induction platform provides a centralised platform for registering, tracking, and monitoring individuals accessing your port facility. We help you streamline the check-in process, verify identities, and capture important information such as contact details, purpose of visit, and duration of stay.

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