Contractor Management Software to keep your site safe & compliant

Ensure all of your contractors have the correct skills and qualifications before starting work on your site.

Maximise the safety of your contractors on site

Our Contractor Management System helps sites ensure the safety of their contractors by effectively managing the skills, qualifications and competencies ensuring they are equipped for job-specific tasks. The Intasite platform makes managing safety easier, guaranteeing compliance, and free’s up your time to focus on site responsibilities.
Request contractors to upload skills, qualifications and certificates
Qualifications & Certificates

Request contractors to upload skills, qualifications and certificates

Be confident that contractors are qualified to the correct level and have the appropriate training for high risk tasks. Verify certificates, alert contractors when something is due to expire and control all of your documents in one central location.

Manage sub-contractor documents and legal requirements
Supplier Management

Manage sub-contractor documents and legal requirements

Collect, store and manage all of your sub-contractor documents through Intasite. Be well prepared for audits by combining insurances, supplier assessments and legal requirements in one safe place.

Approve pre-job risk assessments and method statements
Task Specific Documents

Approve pre-job risk assessments and method statements

Request risk assessments and method statements from contractors before any work begins on site. These can be reviewed and approved through your Intasite dashboard and can also include any setting to work safety documents

Sign equipment in and out and track their returns
Inventory Tracking

Sign equipment in and out and track their returns

The inventory tracker provides site managers with an ideal solution for effectively monitoring equipment. It allows them to sign an item in or out to a contractor, track return dates, and generate reports on damaged or missing items.

Brief your workers on safety information before work begins
Toolbox Talks & Safety Briefings

Brief your workers on safety information before work begins

Short toolbox talk updates or safety briefings can be communicated to manage changes throughout the course of the work. This ensures that workers have the most up to date safety information in real time.

Collect detailed information through onboarding forms & questionnaires
Onboarding Forms

Collect detailed information through onboarding forms & questionnaires

The form module is a great way to collect information from visitors and contractors before they arrive. Occupational health questionnaires, PPE requests and parking permits can all be part of your onboarding process.

Explore our other features

Induct your site visitors, contractors, hauliers and employees ahead of arriving to site. Test competency with multi-choice assessment questions and issue them with a pass which can be verified upon arrival.

  • Set Automatic Renewal Reminders
  • Log and Track all Inductions
  • Integrate with Access Control

First impressions are an important part of any business, in particular where safety is key. Bring your induction to life and set clear expectations of your company values, safety culture and life saving rules.

  • Experienced Film Crew
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Language Translations

Welcome your visitors and provide them with a seamless check-in process upon entering your site. Book visitors in ahead of arrival, check the status of their induction and track who is on site for emergency roll call.

  • Welcoming First Impression
  • Pre-Register & Book in Visitors
  • Fire Evacuation & Roll Call
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Frequently asked questions

What is a contractor?

A contractor is a self employed skilled professional who provides services for a fixed period. They may be contracted to manage a construction site, contribute to a site shutdown or hired for a particular skill set.

Why is contractor safety management important?

Companies have a legal obligation to manage the safety of their contractors operating on their site. By verifying that contractors possess the necessary skills and qualifications for their tasks, companies can minimise risks and decrease the occurrence of incidents on site.

What is meant by contractor management?

Contractor Management is the process of managing external contractors within your organisation. It controls the full lifecycle from onboarding and communication, planning jobs, and the safe handling of workers, whilst ensuring standards and maintaining compliance.

Who is responsible for contractor management?

Contractor Management is the responsibility of the company or site management team, which could also include a Principle Contractor during a construction phase.

What is a contractor management system?

A Contractor Management System helps businesses automate the process of managing contractors and keeps all records in one centralised location. From onboarding workers, tracking performance and managing documentation.

How does a contractor management system save time?

Using a Contractor Management System can save you time by replacing paper records and eliminating manual tasks, allowing you to improve productivity and operate both safely and efficiently.

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  • “In close collaboration with Intasite, we have managed to modernise our induction process, with security and individual well-being at its core."
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  • The Intasite online induction system has enabled us to transition from our on-site, face-to-face inductions which were time consuming and often delayed access to our sites.
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  • "Intasite produced an induction platform which has resulted in a step change in how we manage safety across our operations."
    View Sembcorp Customer Story
  • "Revolutionising the induction process for 26,000 hauliers across a UK Major Port"
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  • "Intasite transformed an induction process which was a significant drain on resources, consuming valuable time and diverting attention away from other critical tasks and priorities."
    View CF Fertilisers Customer Story
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