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Providing the energy needed today while building a better world of energy for tomorrow.

At the forefront of innovation, SSE Thermal proudly operates an industry-leading fleet of flexible generation and energy storage assets, spanning the UK and Ireland and supported by a dedicated team of over 600 professionals.

With a widespread presence encompassing 22 locations across the UK, SSE Thermal is driven by a visionary ambition to lead the charge as the foremost provider of flexible thermal energy in a net-zero world.

Streamlining contractor inductions for enhanced site management

The current induction process for contractors was often a difficult task to manage. It can be challenging to keep track of who is coming to the site, particularly when dealing with a high volume of workers.

Additionally, managing induction records can be a time-consuming process, with significant administrative efforts required to ensure that records are correctly maintained. These challenges can leave site managers uncertain about whether contractors have been sufficiently inducted, creating potential safety hazards, especially during maintenance turnarounds.

Peterhead Power Station

Fostering a safety culture through Intasite

SSE Thermal turned to Intasite’s induction platform to efficiently manage 11 of their sites, encompassing visitor, site specific, and CDM (Construction Design and Management) inductions.

With an impressive yearly induction rate of around 7500 individuals, they have seamlessly incorporated the platform for maintenance turnarounds, alleviating the challenge of managing hundreds of contractors within a limited timeframe.

Incorporating the digital process into their operations, SSE optimises the management of inductions while making effective use of the contractor management feature to monitor and record contractor skills and qualifications. Rapid and effective communication alerts are utilised to promptly inform site visitors about important updates, while the site access procedures are streamlined by requesting completion of forms before arrival.

Additionally, SSE fortifies its commitment to safety by implementing digital safety briefings and toolbox talks, fostering a strong safety culture throughout all their sites.

Tree Planting Initiative

SSE Thermal's partnership with Intasite's induction platform has revolutionised their site management and safety practices.

By efficiently managing contractor inductions and implementing digital processes, SSE Thermal has streamlined operations and reduced administrative burdens, ensuring a smooth flow of work during maintenance turnarounds.

With a strong focus on safety, the platform has cultivated a safety-conscious culture across all their sites. This forward-thinking approach to induction management and safety exemplifies SSE Thermal's commitment to sustainability and their pursuit of excellence as a leading provider of flexible thermal energy in a net-zero world.

As a remarkable outcome of this commitment, SSE Thermal's induction rates have not only enhanced site management but also contributed to environmental conservation. Through Intasite's tree initiative, they have successfully planted 156 trees, showcasing their dedication to corporate responsibility and leaving a positive impact on the environment. This seamless integration of safety, sustainability, and environmental stewardship highlights SSE Thermal's unwavering commitment to shaping a greener future for generations to come.

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