Online Induction software for the Energy Industry


Maximising Safety & Minimising Time Wasted On Inductions

The energy industry encounters specific challenges in delivering effective inductions. Safety is paramount due to high-risk tasks, complex machinery, and technical processes. Tailoring training to a diverse workforce with varying roles and responsibilities is essential. Staying compliant with evolving regulations also poses a challenge. Effective inductions are crucial to address these concerns and ensure that employees are well-prepared, compliant, and capable in this dynamic and safety-sensitive field.

Renewable Energy
Utilising the Intasite induction platform is great way to ensure that workers are well-prepared, compliant with safety regulations, and equipped with the knowledge to operate in often challenging and dynamic environments, ultimately enhancing the sector's safety and operational efficiency.
Site Outages
Using Intasite during a site outage can be an efficient way to ensure workers are informed about safety protocols, compliant with regulations and able to communicate effectively through one system, ultimately minimising risks and downtime for the project.
Net Zero
Online inductions are beneficial for achieving net-zero goals by reducing paper usage, minimising transportation emissions, efficiently training a broader audience, providing real-time updates, collecting data for continuous improvement, and enabling global access to sustainability practices.

Key Safety Features

Deliver Online Inductions

Enhance time savings and boost operational efficiency by enabling your visitors to complete their induction prior to their arrival, and allowing them to demonstrate their competency through assessment questions.

Manage Contractor Skills

Contractors can use Intasite for uploading their skills and qualifications, which can subsequently be reviewed and verified by site managers to ensure the presence of appropriate credentials before approving their induction for access to site.

Request RAMS & Permits

Site managers can request Risk Assessments and Method Statements to be uploaded and submitted in advance prior to job commencement, ensuring a thorough approval method and evaluation of potential risks.

Integrate Access Control

By integrating your offshore control centre enables contractors and lone workers to obtain access to necessary areas of a facility in a single, efficient process. Our API will ensure all necessary steps have been completed before access is granted.

Send Safety Briefings

Digital safety briefings can be an effective way to educate contractors on potential hazards and safety protocols, while also allowing for easy tracking and documentation of completion.

Forms and Questionnaires

Share forms and questionnaires to capture additional information needed from contractors. Forms can be used for items such as occupational health questionnaires, next of kin and medical information.

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Online Inductions For The Energy Sector
Streamlining Site Outages

Online Inductions For The Energy Sector

Induction software plays a pivotal role in optimising the efficiency of site outages. During these critical periods of maintenance and repair, workers need to be acutely aware of the specific risks and procedures associated with outage activities. Intasite ensures that all team members are thoroughly briefed on safety protocols and compliance requirements. Our training promotes streamlined communication and reduces downtime while safeguarding personnel and assets. Suitable for: Oil & Gas, Gas Plant, Electrical Energy, Biomass, Chemical, Thermal and Nuclear

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