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How Intasite shaped the site access future for Hornsea Three Wind Farm

Hitachi Energy, a global leader and provider of power technology and energy systems, brings together world-class teams to deliver pioneering digital solutions throughout the entire power value chain. The company is set to supply two high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems for transmitting emission-free electricity from the Hornsea Three wind farm, situated over 120 km off the eastern coast of the UK.

The wind farm is projected to produce a minimum of 2.85 gigawatts of renewable electricity, sufficient to supply power to over 3 million UK households. Spanning across nearly 700 square kilometres and featuring over 200 wind turbines, it will claim the title of the world's largest offshore wind farm.

Construction will commence at the beginning of 2023. Over the construction phase, it is anticipated to witness a steady influx of new contractors joining the project. Given that the site is entirely new and lacks an established work environment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of all incoming workers is of paramount importance. Therefore, thorough and comprehensive induction procedures needed to be implemented, encompassing the collection of essential skills and qualifications from each worker.

The Solution

Fostering a Safety Culture Through a High Impact Induction Video

Recognising the critical importance of safety and efficiency in this ambitious project, Hitachi Energy undertook the task of producing an impactful induction video for their workforce. With the aim of fostering a strong safety culture and ensuring that every member of the team was well-prepared for the unique challenges of Hornsea Three, the project HSE Manager took centre stage in this production.

The induction video was designed not only to educate but to truly engage the audience, emphasising the company's unwavering commitment to safety as they embarked on this groundbreaking venture. By addressing the specific safety protocols, potential risks, and best practices within the context of Hornsea Three, the video played a pivotal role in instilling a safety-first mindset among all workers.

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The Outcome

Managing a growing number of contractors and suppliers

Utilising Intasite's online platform for remote contractor inductions not only saved valuable time for safety managers but also allowed them to focus their efforts on on-site safety measures, ensuring a hands-on approach to safety.

Hitachi further streamlined their processes by mandating that all contractors upload their relevant qualifications to Intasite before commencing work, ensuring that every worker is fully qualified for their assigned tasks. This proactive approach not only enhances site safety but also simplifies the site access process by centralising supplier management and sending necessary forms ahead of their arrival, creating a more efficient and cohesive on-site environment.

“In close collaboration with Intasite, we have managed to modernise our induction process, with security and individual well-being at its core. In addition to its site personnel, this system assists our sites in encouraging employees to adopt safe practices."

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"Intasite removes the administrative burden by digitising and centralising records so we can track progress, and maintain records of training completion, ensuring consistency and efficiency across multiple sites.”

Project HSE Manager, Hitachi Energy


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