Top 5 benefits of using online inductions

Added on April 25th 2018
Top 5 benefits of using online inductions

If you’re still trying to decide whether to move to an online induction program, it’s probably because you have a few unanswered questions. Online inductions can seem like a major change to your HR procedures when you’re more used to carrying out your inductions face-to-face.

We find that as businesses make the transition, there are a few key questions that come up. Here are five benefits to make the way to online inductions clearer.

1. Test Competency
All visitors should demonstrate competency before gaining access to your site. Using multi-choice assessment questions through an online system, is a great way to ensure that your visitor has engaged with your induction and pays attention throughout.

2. Prevent Language Barriers
Language barriers can sometimes become a problem when inducting overseas visitors safely. By using an online induction system, you can integrate your induction with any language, giving you the confidence that all visitors are familiar with your site procedures and regulations.

3. Save Time & Money
Face-to-face inductions come loaded with expenses. Travel costs for trainers and delegates, venue hire, overnight expenses. By allowing your site visitors to sit your induction remotely, means they can carry out their inductions from anywhere in the world.

4. No More Paperwork
Through having a less resource heavy induction programme will improve the reliability & management of record keeping. Track all of your visitor inductions, personnel details and expiry dates. No more trawling through paperwork!

5. Integrate With Access Control
Online induction software often means that you often have the ability to integrate with access control systems, allowing you to have more traceability of who should be allowed on your site.

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