A Case For Online Workplace Health & Safety Training

Added on October 19th 2018
A Case For Online Workplace Health & Safety Training

It's estimated that work-based injuries and accidents cost the global economy an estimated $1.25 trillion yearly. These accidents and injuries also increase retraining fees, absenteeism whilst causing productivity and work based efficiency to take a dip.

Not only that, but the morale of staff will dip when members of staff are ill, missing work, and additional workload is mounting up.

These injuries impact upon a businesses bottom line. For companies with a severe number of injuries occurring, the costs associated with this could be enough to mean the difference between surviving or failing.

Efficient organisations can reduce compensation costs by up to 40%. By creating and implementing online safety training programmes. Companies that use an online training platform can also reduce the overall induction time, boost product/service quality and increase overall company efficiency.

All of these combined means less costs and greater profits.

The Importance Of Safety Training

Safety training plays a pivotal role in preventing workplace injuries and accidents. An effective induction programme, consisting of engaging video and written content, backed up by tests to assess inductees knowledge is key when it comes to fully immerse new staff into the workplace.

The more hazardous the work environment, the more complex the induction will become. A high -risk site has far more potential for accidents, injuries and even fatalities. For construction sites, mining facilities and oil & gas rigs, implementing an effective health and safety induction programme can be complex.

Site safety managers must adapt to an ever growing need of regulations, procedures and H&S laws by carrying out in-depth training in an efficient manner. Using digital induction platforms is not only a more time effective, engaging and cheaper induction method. It allows for greater record keeping, allowing site managers to run a more secure, reliable and safer site.

Organisations that use digital and online induction systems to track their inductees often see an increase in productivity, reductions in absences and increased legal protection against damages and cheaper insurance premiums.

The Benefits Of Online Safety Training Platforms

The use of online training is growing. As the technology becomes more common, affordable and easier to implement, more organisations should be replacing their outdated traditional induction programmes with online training.

Here are some of the biggest benefits:

Increased Accountability

An induction platform like Intasite can notify workers when their inductions are due to expire and prompt site managers to carry out renewal training. Notifications encourage employees to be accountable and responsible for carrying out the online training needed and completing set assignments by specific deadline dates.

Standardised Safety Training

Delivering regular, on going training too hard hat workers is a challenge in itself. Trying to deliver this kind of on-going training to contractors makes this challenge 10 times harder. An online training platform such as Intasite makes delivering a consistent training message easy and convenient, allowing trainees to access training on-site or remotely.

Improve Effectiveness Of Safety Training

Online safety training is more effective as trainee engagement is higher, and knowledge can be tested throughout with multiple choice quizzes.

By testing throughout the induction, it ensures that trainees are absorbing and retaining knowledge.

Cheaper Training Costs

Delivering online inductions is far cheaper than traditional induction programmes. Costs can be cut by not paying for a trainer, printing materials or booking room space. An automated system means a more time efficient process also.

Increased Productivity

Sites using online induction programmes are proven to have a workforce with higher productivity. This is because workers time is not being spent traveling to an off-site training area. Also, organisations can make it a requirement for new starters or contractors to carry out their induction before arriving on site. Meaning your workers time is used in a more valuable way.

Enhanced Employee Morale

Employees that know their employers are investing in their health, safety, and wellbeing, will feel more motivated to work. By using an online training platform that keeps a record of employee inductions, incidents and so on, employee’s will feel like their well being is of key importance to their organisation.

Time Effective

Traditional induction programmes is a time-consuming task. Before even delivering the session, it involves a deciding who will coach the session. Someone internal or external? If internal, who has the time to do it? If external, it’s finding and hiring the right person to do the job.

Writing and preparing course material. Organising the session, alerting inductees of the process.

This is all before the induction even takes place. The induction itself will have a set amount of time to be completed in. However these often over run, if people are unsure of certain elements and need to ask a lot of questions.

An even worst scenario would be people ask questions, but the trainer does not have time to answer them. This means that inducted staff are at higher risk of accidents.

Online safety training carried out through the Intasite platform eliminates the course prep time, admin time and person delegation time. Instead, the automated process is sent out to inductees, for them to view the material at their own pace.

In Conclusion

Online health and safety induction training provide a wealth of benefits. From increased workforce productivity and employee accountability to enhanced record keeping and cheaper inductions. In order to reap these benefits however, organisations must overcome the hurdles and challenges that are present within delivering induction programmes.

As can be seen above, an online induction platform allows an organisation to overcome many of these problems, and have an overall, more effective, productive and profitable workplace.




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