Solving 3 Major Problems All Hazchem Site Managers Face

Added on July 31st 2018
Solving 3 Major Problems All Hazchem Site Managers Face

As a Hazardous Chemical site manager, we know 3 of your biggest problems are:

  1. Short turn around jobs
  2. Balancing time constraints
  3. Overcoming language barriers from foreign speaking workers

We have a solution to solve your 3 biggest problems and enable you to improve the efficiency of your work and your COMAH site.

The Problems Of a Hazchem Site Manager

As a HAZCHEM site manager, we know your jobs list is ever growing (and your time ever shrinking) to ensure that you have everything in place to abide by UK COMAH regulations and laws laid out by the UK government.

COMAH Regulations aim to limit the consequences of a major accident to people, local communities and the environment. So it is important that regulators and emergency planning authorities are made aware of certain increases in the quantities of dangerous substances on site.

We know you're busy and short on time - but we can help you save time.

Cutting time doesn't mean cutting corners. On a hazardous site, cutting corners is an absolute no-no. 

As a site manager, you are responsible for ensuring your site is safe. 

You are responsible for ensuring your workers and visitors are safe.

As a site manager, you are responsible for delivering a suitable health and safety induction programme that engages inductees and informs them of everything they need to know to be safe on site. 

These inductions normally take a huge chunk out of your, along with the time of the inductees.

Intasite makes it possible for site managers like you to:

  • Save time on your induction process
  • Ensure everyone on your site has the knowledge to minimise their chance of risk & be safe
  • Get new starters working sooner
  • Reduce costs

Intasite will help you save time, without taking shortcuts during your induction process.

How do we do that? By providing you with 1 simple solution, to your 3 biggest problems.

Problem 1:
Short turnaround jobs give you less time to induct all staff

On COMAH sites, you'll often be faced with quick-turnaround jobs. This means you’ll have tight deadlines to induct your staff and get them started ASAP, to ensure the job is completed in time.

Short turnaround COMAH site jobs (such as shutdowns) can cause you 2 major problems when inducting contractors, employees or visitors:

  1. Inductions are rushed and they do not receive a complete induction and are at more risk of causing or being victim to an accident (more on this shortly)

  2. Inductions overrun and cause the entire job to overrun, meaning the job is more expensive than budgeted for

As a site manager, you want to avoid both of these are problems to keep the job running smoothly, to schedule and to keep higher management happy.

Intasite Solution:

The Intasite online induction platform allows site managers to invite inductees to carry out their entire site induction before ever showing up at the entrance gate.

After completing the induction in their time, inductees then present confirmation of their completion at the site's entry point to be validated and granted access.

What are the benefits of this for you? 

When employees and contractors show up to a site, they’re ready to work – so the job can begin sooner. This means no delays due to lengthy induction processes.

Using Intasite free's up your time and your resources. No longer do you need to carry out long induction programmes. This gives you more time to get through your jobs list.

Tight Deadliens

Problem 2:
Time constraints mean inductees do not properly engage & understand HSE risks/procedures

For quick-turnaround jobs with tight deadlines, sometimes shortcuts will be taken.

Taking shortcuts when working on COMAH sites is a big no-no. Especially when it comes to health and safety inductions for hazardous sites.

Contractors or visitors who are rushed through the induction process to save time do not have time to digest all the information presented to them. If inductees are not fully confident with specific HSE procedures on the site they’re working on – they are at higher risk of being involved in an incident.

This problem could snowball (with one employee causing an incident that could have been avoided if they had competently completed the induction) by involving multiple members of staff.

A serious incident could injure or harm staff’s health, preventing staff from continuing to work, cause machinery or tools to break.

What does this mean for you?

A big delay and a big headache.

Intasite Solution:

Every inductee using the Intasite platform has to pass a multiple-choice assessment as part of their induction programme. This test is delivered to ensure that inductees have engaged with the induction programme and are safe to enter and work on site.

Because inductees are told they have to do this before arriving to site - it doesn't take up your time. They carry it out in their own time. Taking as much time as necessary to fully understand the information, and pass their induction.

This lessens the risk of these inductees being involved in accidents. This means a safer work environment and a more efficient workplace.

Problem 3:
Overseas contractors or drivers do not understand the induction because of language barriers

If your hazardous site employs foreign speaking workers, it is crucial that they are delivered a health and safety induction programme that they can fully understand.

Only offering your induction in one language can cause problems for foreign-speaking visitors, drivers or workers. If they don't understand the induction they cannot engage and will not know the safety procedures on site.

Traditionally this means that inductees could be validated when they shouldn't, or that extra time is spent with them, causing further hold ups and delays.

Intasite Solution:

We can translate your entire induction programme into any language you need. So if you know you have a lot of inductees scheduled who speak a certain language, we will make sure that the entire induction programme is available in that language.

This ensures your visitors will enage with the programme without overrunning.

Your COMAH Site Induction Solution

As a hazardous Site Manager – we understand you have a lot on your plate.

We’ve created Intasite to help unload your stressload, streamline the induction process and make your job easier.

If you’re interested in improving the efficiency of your COMAH Site induction process, get in touch with us or a request a call back so we can tell you exactly how Intasite can:

  • Reduce the time taken for inductions

  • Reduce the risk of accidents on site

  • Save your organisation money on the induction process

  • Allow you to stick to project milestone deadlines and completion dates every time

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