Corporate and Social Responsibility is often a term promoted by large corporate organisations as a commitment to its stakeholders to conduct business in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and ethical. At Intasite, we want to bring these values through to SME level with a new initiative which will see hundreds of new trees planted every year. The whole concept on which the company started was to help businesses reduce their environmental impact and produce paperless solutions to time consuming processes. As the road to Net Zero is high on the agenda for most of our clients these days, we had the idea to bring some of this thinking closer to home. We do all of this great work for wonderful companies, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and we thought that we should be setting an example at source. With the aim of becoming more sustainable and offsetting CO2, Intasite has committed to planting 1 tree per every 100 inductions carried out by you, our clients. To put this into perspective, 59,000 inductions were carried out in 2021. This means that we have committed to planting 590 trees, which to give a visual representation is the equivalent of approximately 2 football pitches. Planting has already begun in conjunction with a local farm and the Forestry Commission. The whole team and even our children, have been getting involved in planting trees and doing our bit for the environment! The new concept will also be visually represented in the platform used by the client. As a fun add on, each client will get a widget on the site managers dashboard to show how many trees that they have planted based on the number of Inductions carried out. If we have a whole Intasite forest in a few years, nobody will be happier than us. We believe it’s important to demonstrate to our clients that we share similar values and we are a responsible business in your supply chain.

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